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History of the Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches, International, Inc.


The Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches began as a single church, Bethany Community Church of Pomona in 1981. In that year the Lord gave Bishop Alexander and Dr. Marty the first elements of the vision for the work that has now spread around the world.   At the time the new church began God spoke to Pastor Alexander concerning multiple churches: What have come to pass has far exceeded our expectations.


From its small beginnings as Bethany Church, the Shield of Faith Fellowship has developed to become a worldwide Apostolic ministry that touches every continent of the earth.


Over thirty years the Mother Church has worshipped in three locations, the third being the present location. At various times in the course of our ministry we have planted daughter churches, operated bible colleges, founded Christian schools and provided men’s and women’s transitional homes, established community development corporations and traveled to many, many nations of the world preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine.

Daughter churches began to be added to the Mother church and in 1994 the first Shield of Faith Convention was begun. The Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches was formally incorporated in 2003 when our Presiding Bishop severed his ties with a previous organization and was consecrated to his office. Growth has been continuous and we now bishops, pastors, sons and daughters-in-ministry and affiliated congregations around the world.


The fellowship has grown to include some 1,000 congregations. Through this body the Apostle’s doctrine has been widely declared and many pastors have come to Apostolic truth. Pastors and their families and churches have been strengthened by the spiritual, emotional and financial support of Shield of Faith.


We are presently organized some 30 Dioceses/regions in the United States with international dioceses in Europe, South Pacific, Mexico and many in Africa, including The West Africa Diocese, The East Africa Diocese, The Kenya Diocese, The Narobi The fellowship now numbers more than 1,000 affiliated churches worldwide.


The Shield of Faith Economic Development Corporation was started in 1998 and has risen to become an important factor in the life of the city of Pomona. This autonomous 501(c)3 non-profit corporation has executed a successful $250,000 federal Welfare-to-Work program and has shown its effectiveness by creating the $23,000,000 Shield Village/Tivoli Plaza community that now exists across the street from our church.


It is also recognized by the city as an officially-designated Community Housing Development organization and is in the process of carrying out a number of additional housing and social welfare projects that demonstrate the love of Jesus and improve the quality of life for  those around us.


We are grateful that God has given our Bishop and wife the vision for service, sacrifice and faithfulness which has enabled them to do a significant work in Jesus’ Name. Shield of Faith is grateful for the leadership God has given us and we stand strongly behind our First Family in their efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of God.


God has been ever faithful to our church and pastor. We pause to say , “Thank you” to the man and woman of God and to thank the Lord for his unfailing kindness and grace towards this ministry.




Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches International is a Reformation and Restoration Movement raised up by God to assist the Men of God who are building The Church around the world. We use the following summary of thoughts to introduce you to the central concerns and objectives of the fellowship. The ideas listed below summarize our mission and values in a brief form. Our primary concerns and perspectives include:


1. AWARNESS – We approach our assignment in the Kingdom with the humble awareness that The Church of Jesus Christ, while powerful, is far from having reached a perfected state. (Eph. 4:12)


2. IDENTIFYING ERRORS – we are passionately committed to detect and identify errors In the present doctrines and practices of The Church at this season.


3. OPEN TO CORRECTION – We are humbly open to correction from the lord of the church.  in revelation 3:20 He is depicted as standing outside of his own church seeking to come in and bring correction to those believers who will open the door.


4. ASPIRING TO 100 FOLD FRUITFULNESS -  St. Matthew 13:8 speaks of 30,60, and 100-fold return on the Word sown. Into our lives and churches.


5. SHARING THE TRUTH IN LOVE – because Ephesians 4:15 talks of “speaking the truth in love,” We will always communicate with the Body of Christ in respectful, appreciative terms as we strive together to embrace biblical foundations and to correct ourselves in practice and doctrine.


6. GRATEFUL, YET DISSATISFIED -  as a body we are grateful for tall that The Church worldwide has accomplished, but refuse to be satisfied as we pursue ever greater ministerial fruitfulness and scriptural soundness.


7. COMMITTED TO CONTINUAL SEARCHING OF THE SCRIPTURES – In John 5:39 Jesus instructed the Scribes and Pharisees of Israel to “search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:  and they are they which testify of me." we are committed to act as the “noble Bereans” of Acts 17:11 who  “received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily…”


Fellowship Diocese Initiative

Our goal is to establish a Diocese in all 50 states! Yes, Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches International is aggressively taking the Apostle’s Doctrine to the nations of the world.


America Must Become a Mission Field

Our once godly nation has drifted far away from God. Carnality and lukewarm churches being led by homosexual pastors have birthed a condition in our nation desperate for revival and biblical sound churches.

American churches have largely failed to meet the challenge of the on slaught of the enemy. We believe that God has one more great revival for our nation before the coming of the Lord.

We believe God wants us to occupy cities and bring in the Kingdom in powerful manifestation before He issue’s the final call to bring His people home. If we are willing to sincerely believe God and unify ourselves for one last climactic spiritual push! ​​​​​​​If your interested in becoming associated with this great move of God please contact our fellowship office. 909-629-6294





We are getting closer every week to reaching our goals. None of this would be possible without your loving support. We thank you for all that you are doing to raise funds for our minsions. Thank you!