A Vision To "Rebuild" In The Year 2023


In the year of 2023, we are aware of having learned so much about God and His people in the past year. A crisis such as the recent pandemic has truly brought out the best and worst in many of the people around us. We have experienced great wisdom and courage and also surprising dysfunction all in the same setting.


It has been the best of times and the worst of times! In any case, we enter 2023 encouraged by the faithfulness of God and eager to rely on the power of God in the months ahead. As leaders, we will share our vision and our godly influence with those whom we serve. In the scripture passage selected for our 2023 theme, we see godly Zerubbabel working to REBUILD the House of God at Jerusalem.


The people of God in Judah had gone through a time of transition, dislocation and disruption, but by the context of our scripture, God has regathered them with a glorious destiny to experience a future glory which will surpass anything they have seen in the past.


Much of the church world is in a situation like this at present, including our church as well. To His people, the Lord sent the prophet Zechariah to reassure and encourage the chief builder, Zerubbabel.


God told him that the work would be magnifcently completed not by human might, not by human power, but by the Spirit of God! 

Go Into All The World & Preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ


The Great Commission appears in Mark's gospel indicates something of its importance. With just 16 chapters, Mark is the shortest of the gospels (at 28 chapters, Matthew is the longest). Some things in the other gospels do not appear in Mark. For instance, Mark says nothing about Jesus' birth or childhood. Thus, it seems that, for Mark at least, the Great Commission was more significant than the Christmas story.


How can believers today carry out the Great Commission? Well, it certainly includes the actual going to the ends of the earth. However, it may also mean financial support. It could be spending time in intercessory prayer in support of world evangelism.


It can mean preparing publicity to stir world evangelism interest and passion. It could be telling a missionary story once a month to a children's group at church. It could be mentoring a young person who feels called to missionary service. Make your calling and election sure. God bless you.



Become A Licensed Minister with Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches

* Please Complete Online Zoom Training (Submit To: Bishop Dorsey)

Our Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches Int'l Ministerial License is obtained by completing our Ministerial Licensing Course, offered by our Shield of Faith Bible College Credentials Department. Our Ministerial License is recognized as legal proof of a Ministerial Credential across the country.


If you are planning to perform an upcoming ceremony, you need to submit your proof of ordination to the marriage licensing office along with their marriage license application for the couple. We recommend that you become familiar with the specific laws in your area before placing an order with us to ensure that you do not purchase more or less than you need. If you need help performing the ceremony, we recommend the Classic Wedding Kit, which includes your legal credentials, 3 ULC Marriage Certificates, and a guidebook to assist you.

At Shield of Faith Bible College we offer customized solutions for delivery of our courses. Whether through live instruction, on-demand video streaming, local authorized teachers, individual distance education, or a hybrid mix. In an effort to make quality biblical education affordable for students who may need financial assistance, our school provides funding to help students pay for course materials and cover the cost of enrollment fees through Scholarships.


The mission of Shield of Faith Bible College is to offer our students sound biblical courses that will equip them for their ministry assignments in God's Kingdom, as well as help them build up their faith and live a victorious Christian life. Courses are taught by some of the kingdom's leading and most recognized experts in their field of ministry in the world. Transferability of courses to accredited universities is possible through our unique articulation agreements. 


Global Streaming Online Channels  24/7  



Our Shield of Faith Global Network Broadcast Channel Technicians has setup our very own Dedicated Server and Hosting Account, with Live Streaming Channels using our own Bandwidth and Cloud Storage Account similar to StreamingFaith.com. 


Through the Shield of Faith Global Network Broadcast Channels, ministries are able to launch their own Channel on our own network and have users subscribe and chat online. Viewers can download our Shield of Faith Global Network Streaming Web App for their Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops, and watch Live Telecast Services and previously recorded Services through Video On Demand.


Shield of Faith Charities, International is an extension of the Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches Global Missions Department. We exist to carry out humanitarian projects around the world.


Among other works, our first key project is the Pillars of Hope Rescue Mission in Kenya (Africa). Our organization encourages the participation of volunteers who support our mission. 


The Shield of Faith Global Missions Department currently has churches in many cities within the countries and continents of  India, Europe, Fiji, Mexico, Antiqua, Africa, Central America, Pakistan, Phillipines, China, Japan, Korea and Canada.


We exist to express God's love to humanity by demonstrating the Love of God in action, by sending relief aid during natural disasters, food, bibles, funds, sewing machines, clothes, materials and whatever we can do to help others thrive and live more comfortably. 


Our team offers both practical and spiritual advice to improve their way of living, and of course knowledge of the Bible for the planting of churches. If you have a desire to travel the Mission's field and touch the lives of those abroad or would like to contribute financially please support our Mission's effort!


Our Shield of Faith Newsletter is a major component to spread apostolic truth worldwide. It also allows us to share all the wonderful things occurring in every ministry. For second just imagine what Apostle Paul would do with just one “click” in trying to reach the uttermost parts of the earth?


The Nations needs to read about and learn how great God is in your life! “Shield of Faith Bishops, Pastors, Minister’s and fellow delegates, the Nation’s won’t know your convictions if you don’t write them down so they can be shared with them.”


As the Newsletter Editor for Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches, it is with extreme honor that I get to promote the great things our God is doing in our ministries. Various types of media forms do exist but none are solely committed to representing you monthly Internationally.


We request that you send in information regarding all new church plants, all new SOF Pastors, academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, new book writings, excerpts from your books. Let us promote you. We want good news to travel fast. Please send from your ministry accomplishments, milestones, testimonies, writings, etc, etc, to Bishopcdd@aol.com - Bless you in Jesus Name.


Sincerely His service,

Bishop Charles Dorsey


Our Youth & Young Adult Ministry (YAYA) is a division of Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches International under the leadership of our Presiding Prelate and Founder: Apostle Henry Alexander. Minister John Thomas Jr. our YAYA President has worked diligently with his awesome staff to expand and grow YAYA and reach countless amounts of Youth and Young Adults. 


Every year we have a 3-day convention of faith. All attendees can engage in activities such as, praise and worship, sessions on entrepreneurship, leadership development, YAYA Kid Zone, activities for singles as well as special musical guest and more!


Las Vegas Nevada | YAYA Convention 2023

Our Presiding Prelate, Apostle Henry B. Alexander continues to teach the importance of UNIFYING OUR CHURCHES and making PRAYER OUR PRIMARY FOCUS. We truly appreciate your help and cooperation as we attempt to build a strong, unified prayer network.


We stand firm on the promises of God regarding prayer. Jesus said: "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (Mark 11:24) 


Objectives of our Fellowship Prayer Network:


  • We want every fellowship church to have a designated Prayer Leader or Leaders.

  • All prayer leaders will be contacted by me on a weekly basis through email. This email will outline prayer petitions that we will pray about as a fellowship as well as other things.

  • We want every fellowship church to have at least one thriving prayer chapter (prayer line) and focus on growing this prayer movement in your church.

  • We want to provide support and training to your intercessors if needed.

  • We want to pray together in our Prayer Revival in a spirit of unity.

  • God will manifest His glory and perform miracles, as we pray in faith.


Our Pastors & Leaders Institute has been established to serve churches around the world in the following ways:


Practical Assistance – Because we recognize that no one organization is likely to meet every need, it is our policy that our churches may be aligned with other organizations in addition to our own.


It is our commitment to assure that each pastor and church has access to the information and assistance needed to make their ministry vision become reality.


Fresh Ministry Style – Shield of Faith also seeks consistently to employ ministry styles that present the unchanging truths of the Word in an always relevant and up-to-date fashion that will be appealing and effective in its current environment. 


Crossing Denominational Barriers – A key objective is to skillfully reach across denominational boundaries in the pursuit of full restoration of God’s church to the New Testament pattern.


However, we are in no wise so driven by the desire for impact that we are willing to compromise the essential truths of the Word of God.


Harmony and Unity of the Body – Membership in the Shield of Faith Fellowship is open to all pastors who feel to be part after having carefully examined our “Terms of Affiliation” Document. 


This year will be a great year of expectation for our International Women of Faith Department and we are believing God for great things. Contact Our Fellowship Office for Information about Women of Faith International:

(909) 629-6294

    Be Strengthened with Might by His Spirit In The Inner Man. Ephesians 3:16 


Men Empowered Network International, is a men's club support group designed to provide biblical counsel, life skills workshops, fun activities, outings and networking opportunities in the community for Men and young males. What does it truly mean to be a “Man Empowered” in our present world?


The word “Empowered” can be defined as: someone given the authority or power to do something. To equip or supply with an ability, to enable an individual or group. As Men of God we strive to live our lives according to biblical principles. 


We have been empowered by the Spirit of the Lord to be faithful, upright Men of integrity. We have power to access the throne of God  in  prayer,  we intercede for  others and make our request known unto God.


We realize that the need of every man is to know Christ Jesus and to surrender his life to the wisdom of God’s Word.


Accordingly, we  are not only  a  church-based men’s ministry, but also a community-based men’s empowerment organization that interacts with our broader community, the legal  system, city government  and other  agencies  to  impact our society in the Name of Jesus Christ.