I would like to welcome you to our International Fellowship. Shield of Faith has been raised up by God in these last days to do the work of church-planting and church-nurturing. We are committed to the restoration of Biblical and Apostolic practices in the Body of Christ as well as the full restoration of New Testament Church government. 

God made it very clear to us all that a great and mighty door of revival is set before us. “A great door and effectual” is the language that Paul used to describe the spiritual environment which Shield of Faith now finds itself in: It is a time of opportunity but also very much a time of responsibility.

Let us receive as I functioned in this prophetic office and declared the mind of God letting us know that strict obedience to the voice of God is required at this hour. I declare this message to all the churches within our fellowship! We must strictly obey the Lord, and also be in obedience to God-ordained spiritual leadership if you are to experience the full favor of God which He has ordained for this hour!

Throughout history, Christians have vacillated between two extremes: compromising with the culture or removing themselves from it (isolation). Neither extreme is healthy. I would like to encourage you to not get caught up in “the cares of this world." Don't allow yourself to become so ingrained in the culture that you are unproductive for Christ. Scripture is clear, our lifestyle should reflect God’s heart rather than the world’s influence. 


The Shield of Faith Global Missions Department is to be seen as an administrative arm of the general administration of the Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches which provides oversight, expertise and management of all churches outside the United States of America. It should be noted however that our Missions Department is to operate under the authority of our Fellowship at large.

Our staff therefore is answerable and accountable to the Elders’ Council of the Fellowship. We exists to carry out the work of God outside the United States of America. Our team offer expert advice, knowledge and resources for the planting of churches in foreign lands, the evangelization of the nations and will affiliate with qualified churches in various nations offering them the advantages of the Fellowship. 

At Shield of Faith Bible College we offer customized solutions for delivery of our courses. Whether through live instruction, on-demand video streaming, DVD, local authorized teachers, individual distance education, or a hybrid mix. In an effort to make quality biblical education affordable for students who may need financial assistance, our school provides funding to help students pay for course materials and cover the cost of enrollment fees through Scholarships.


The Mission of Shield of Faith Bible College is to offer our students sound biblical courses that will equip them for their ministry assignments in God's Kingdom, as well as help them build up their faith and live a victorious Christian life. Courses are taught by some of the kingdom's leading and most recognized experts in their field of ministry in the world. Transferability of courses to accredited universities is possible through our unique articulation agreements. 


Our Presiding Prelate, Apostle Henry B. Alexander continues to teach the importance of UNIFYING OUR CHURCHES and making PRAYER OUR PRIMARY FOCUS. We truly appreciate your help and cooperation as we attempt to build a strong, unified prayer network.


We stand firm on the promises of God regarding prayer. Jesus said: "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (Mark 11:24) 


Our Youth & Young Adult Ministry (YAYA) is a division of Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches International under the leadership of our Presiding Prelate and Founder: Apostle Henry Alexander.


Minister John Thomas Jr. our YAYA President has worked diligently with his awesome staff to expand and grow YAYA and reach countless amounts of Youth and Young Adults. 


Every year we have a 3-day convention of faith, fellowship and family oriented events, hosted in Southern California of the United States and regional YAYA events are hosted throughout the country. Attendees can engage in activities such as, praise and worship, sessions on entrepreneurship, leadership development, YAYA Kid Zone, sessions for Married Couples and singles as well as special musical, celebrity guest and more!



Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

888 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Hotel number ‭+1 (760) 322-6000‬


Objectives of our Fellowship Prayer Network:


  • We want every fellowship church to have a designated Prayer Leader or Leaders.

  • All prayer leaders will be contacted by me on a weekly basis through email. This email will outline prayer petitions that we will pray about as a fellowship as well as other things.

  • We want every fellowship church to have at least one thriving prayer chapter (prayer line) and focus on growing this prayer movement in your church.

  • We want to provide support and training to your intercessors if needed.

  • We want to pray together in our Prayer Revival in a spirit of unity.

  • God will manifest His glory and perform miracles, as we pray in faith.


Our Pastors & Leaders Institute has been established to serve churches around the world in the following ways:


Practical Assistance – Because we recognize that no one organization is likely to meet every need, it is our policy that our churches may be aligned with other organizations in addition to our own. It is our commitment to assure that each pastor and church has access to the information and assistance needed to make their ministry vision become reality.


Fresh Ministry Style – Shield of Faith also seeks consistently to employ ministry styles that present the unchanging truths of the Word in an always relevant and up-to-date fashion that will be appealing and effective in its current environment. 


Crossing Denominational Barriers – A key objective is to skillfully reach across denominational boundaries in the pursuit of full restoration of God’s church to the New Testament pattern. However, we are in no wise so driven by the desire for impact that we are willing to compromise the essential truths of the Word of God.


Harmony and Unity of the Body – Membership in the Shield of Faith Fellowship is open to all pastors who feel to be part after having carefully examined our “Terms of Affiliation” Document. 

Contact Our Fellowship Office for More Information: (909) 629-6294


Upcoming Event

 Women of Faith Conference Schedule:


6:30 pm - 6:55 pm Free delicious refreshments and gifts

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Relevant and Inspirational Seminars

8:00 pm - 9:45 pm Worship Service  MEN ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND WORSHIP SERVICES


12:OO pm Luncheon at Mountain Meadows Golf and Banquet Hall  $45.00

Purchase tickets for luncheon and register $10.00 each at:

    Be Strengthened with Might by His Spirit In The Inner Man. Ephesians 3:16 


Men Empowered Network International, is a men's club support group designed to provide biblical counsel, life skills workshops, fun activities, outings and networking opportunities in the community for Men and young males. What does it truly mean to be a “Man Empowered” in our present world?


The word “Empowered” can be defined as: someone given the authority or power to do something. To equip or supply with an ability, to enable an individual or group. As Men of God we strive to live our lives according to biblical principles. 


We have been empowered by the Spirit of the Lord to be faithful, upright Men of integrity. We have power to access the throne of God  in  prayer,  we intercede for  others and make our request known unto God. We realize that the need of every man is to know Christ Jesus and to surrender his life to the wisdom of God’s Word. Accordingly, we  are not only  a  church-based men’s ministry, but also a community-based men’s empowerment organization that interacts with our broader community, the legal  system, city government  and other  agencies  to  impact our society in the Name of Jesus Christ.



KCU is about building people and building healthy relationships.  Dana has mastered the art of creating the perfect environment for friendships to develop and thrive organically. KCU is short for Kingdom Courting University. No, it's not real college! But, we figured if you have to take classes to get a driver's license, shouldn't there be something to prepare you for a marriage license? Marriage is one of the most important decisions you will make. Shouldn't you do everything you can to prepare for it?

It is the best blend of spirituality, practical relational teaching and pure fun! There are Workshops and Retreats held throughout the year. The workshops include practical training to improve communication, conflict resolution and money management  skills.

At the retreats, you will enjoy intimate teaching sessions with our guest speakers which we call fireside chats; shopping; massage; beach, lake and city excursions  which may include  zip-line, sailing, tours & more. Registration includes meals and lodging for all three-days of the retreat.